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Marantec Remote Controls

Marantec Remotes

Marantec remote control buttons can operate one Marantec garage door operators or other Marantec external devices. Extremely secure multi-bit code only compatible with Marantec garage door openers using 315 MHz frequency. Remotes emits strong, long-range, extremely secure multi-bit code signals to minimize interference and improve overall performance.


  • HomeLink® compatible  

  • Compatible only with Marantec garage door openers or accessories with a 315 MHz operating frequency

  • Includes long-lasting 3-volt lithium batteries

  • 1-year limited parts warranty

  • Remote include a visor clip for your car

  • Programming Instructions

  • Programming Connector


2-Channel Remote


315MHz, HomeLink compatible

4-Channel Remote


315MHz, HomeLink compatible

4-Channel Remote


315MHz, HomeLink compatible

2-Channel Micro Remote


315MHz, HomeLink compatible

Marantec Wall Controls

Wireless Keyless Entry


315MHz, HomeLink compatible


Weather resistant


Wall Control Station


315MHz, compatible with all openers


Wireless Wall Control Station


315MHz, HomeLink compatible

Marantec Remote Accessories


Remote Control

Wall Holder


Programming Connector

program multiple remotes

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