Marantec products are being manufactured according to the highest quality standards. This quality is based on our widely patented expertise, coupled with our international experience and technical production standards. All Marantec products undergo extensive testing in our own test center before leaving our factory and meet all UL 325, CSA and FCC requirements. 


You can, therefore, be rest assured that you own one of the safest, most reliable opener systems in the world that will provide you with many years of reliable, trouble-free performance.


All Marantec garage door opener systems in the Synergy Collections are available with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor as well as the belt and chain drive system. This limited lifetime warranty includes the gear assembly - a major difference in comparison to other competitors.


Synergy 380, 370 and 360 also offer a limited 8-year warranty on electronics.

Synergy 270 includes a 4-year limited warranty on all electronics

Synergy 260 is available with a 2-year limited warranty on electrical components. 

NOTE: To locate your Synergy Series Serial Number visit our FAQ Page and review  "Where can I find the serial number of my garage door opener?"