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Open your garage doors in style with Marantec’s 4-Channel Remote Control. Operating on the HomeLink compatible frequency of 315 MHz, the high end remote control can be clipped onto the visor in your car or conveniently carried in your pocket. Extremely secure multi-bit code technology allows you to program an unlimited amount of Marantec remote controls as well as vehicles.


  • White high gloss and smooth finish design
  • 4-Channel remote controls can each operate up to four Marantec garage door operators or other Marantec external devices
  • 315 MHz operating frequency is HomeLink compatible
  • Extremely secure multi-bit code technology allows for a limitless amount of Marantec remote controls as well as vehicles to be programmed
  • Compatible only with Marantec garage door openers with the operating frequency of 315 MHz
  • Includes long-lasting 3-volt lithium batteries
  • 1-year limited parts warranty
  • Remote include a visor clip for your car
  • Programming Instructions
  • Programming Connector


Which remote control, wireless keyless entry system or wireless wall station do I need for my Marantec garage door operator?


The most important aspect when ordering wireless accessories for your Marantec garage door operator is the operating frequency. For many years, the main radio frequency for Marantec systems has been 315MHz. Following are a few steps that will help you in determining the correct accessory for your garage door operator:


If you own a Synergy 260, 270, 280, 360, 370, 380, an M55 or a Solo operator, the operating frequency is 315MHz.


Your Marantec unit is a German design where the codes are digital inside the remote not in the power head. Other brands or universal remotes will not work with the Marantec system. You want to make sure you order the remote that goes with your unit. Our current frequency is 315MHz, but your unit may be older and might not be the current frequency. If you have a working remote, look on the back for the MHz imprint. All EOS and Synergy units use the 315MHz.


For other units, please refer to your original manual on the accessories page to find listings of remotes that go with your unit. If you do not have the original, you can check the modular receiver to find the frequency (MHz). You will need a ladder and a flashlight. This is on top of the motor and it has a light grey antenna wire coming out of it. It will list the MHz number on it. However, if it is not the 315MHz or if the antenna wire goes into a hole of the powerhead, then it is an older frequency and would need an external receiver. If you find the manufacture date on the power head of 2004 or newer, then it is the 315MHz frequency. Or please provide the serial number located on the side of the power head at the ceiling. It will usually be on a white sticker, it will say "Serial #", and typically 7-10 digits-no letters or it may be a bar code number. We would be happy to look it up for you and recommend the correct transmitter.

4-Channel Premium Remote Control

  • Part Number:


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