Technology surrounds us.

It offers safety and comfort.

Safety and comfort through technology. Marantec's Synergy openers use innovative technology to continuously monitor the safety functions during door travel to provide maximum protection for people, pets, and property. Our operator systems include reduced stand-by consumption and are equipped with energy efficient LED lighting to provide over 30.000 hours of illumination, making the replacement of of burned-out light bulbs a thing of the past. A digital operating system allows for programmable speed levels, the seamless integration of a battery back-up system, and the activation of a timer that closes the garage door on its own. Marantec's Synergy operators offer unsurpassed safety and cutting-edge technology in the palm of your hands.

Certified Quality

Marantec openers undergo constant testing in conjunction with all available types of garage doors. All of our operators are certified by recognized testing institutes such as Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). 

EOS (Easy Operating System)

All Marantec opener systems use the same programming structure: Important data is displayed on a high-quality LCD screen.

Material-Friendly Functions

Features provided by Marantec, such as the soft start and soft stop functionality, patented reference point technology, and other features, not only reduce noise levels during operation but also reduce wear and tear on the garage door and hardware.

Safety Features

To make sure garage doors can be moved safely, opener systems must know what position the door is in at any time. Only then is it possible to react properly if, for instance, an obstruction is detected or the garage door is supposed to close following a power outage. Marantec technologies provide this function on a long-term and particularly accurate basis, building the foundation for safe and reliable door operation. Opener systems for large, heavy doors must also be able to pick up on any mechanical problems and prevent doors from falling in case of spring failures.

Battery Back-Up System Provides Emergency Power Supply

In the event of a power failure, the battery back-up system assumes control and ensures that you are still able to open and close your door  (the number of cycles depends on the charging level of the system, the size and weight of the door, as well as the temperature). The battery back-up can be retrofitted at any time with compatible models (i.e. Synergy 370 and Synergy 380).

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