Please see instruction sheet found under "Media Center" on the homepage.

Please see instruction sheet under "Changing the PIN" section.

For factory testing purposes only, will not operate unless manually stored.

You need to remove the 1234 code by following the documentation on "Changing the PIN".

If you have given the codes out. The codes are automatically eliminated when the codes in the transmitters are changed.

The keypad will hold up to 4 different codes to open 4 different doors. You can also store up to 4 different codes to open 1 door.

Click here to download instructions on how to program a transmitter.

By changing the code in the transmitter and reprogramming it back to the motor head (please refer to the instruction manual for details). If this is your only transmitter, you can use the vacation lock feature on the wall control station (blocks transmitter signal) until a new transmitter can be purchased.

Please see instruction sheet under "Multiple Transmitters".

Please see instruction sheet on "Changing the Code".

Please see instruction sheet on "Changing the code".

1) The unit may be in vacation mode; check wall control panel.

2) Try reprogramming remote back to over head motor.

Only 1 transmitter may be programmed to the garage door opener, then multiple transmitters may be "cloned" to operate the door. Please see instruction sheet. Please note: Universal transmitters/keypads are not compatible with the Marantec product line.

They are to operate other garage doors, if you only have 1, you won't use the other buttons.

Please see instruction sheet under "Battery Replacement" section.

All electrical parts, chassis, and operator housing. Please note that accessories are not covered by the limited parts warranty.

The warranty is to the original purchaser only.

You can check your photo eyes for spider webs/obstructions/alignment. If it still will not close, pull emergency release cord and manually operate until a service person can be contacted.

The green LED indicates the transmitting photo eye, the red LED indicates the receiving photo eye.