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Safety Provides Confidence.

It is the basis for well-being and offers a sense of security.

Our goal is to make all of our products as safe as current technology standards allow. You, the customer, can rest assured that you own one of the safest opener systems in the world which will provide the best possible protection for your family, your property, and all people you have allowed access to your home or place of business.

How do we do this? At Marantec, we are developing all our operator parts ourselves in accordance with our high quality standards and through ongoing quality testing in our own test center. 

What does this actually mean? Our openers immediately recognize and react to obstructions to safeguard people, animals, and property. In addition, Marantec operators provide effective protection against break-ins be preventing unauthorized persons from opening your garage door. When used in conjunction with a battery back-up system, Marantec garage door openers are also the only operators available that provide functionality and light during a power outage.

Tested for Safety

Our opener systems meet all UL 325, CSA, and FCC standards and provide numerous innovative and patented safety features. Our company is certified as DIN ISO 9001 compliant. 

Patented Power Limitation

Our openers protect people, pets, and valuable objects by reacting with high sensitivity to any obstructions in the path of the door. The door travel is stopped and reversed immediately.

Security Features Against Intruders

Marantec garage door openers effectively prevent intruders from breaking in through the garage door. Firstly, the openers contain an electronically monitored push-open security system. Secondly, Marantec openers feature a self-locking gear system. Lastly, in order to release the trolley, one has to pull the release cord towards the back of the garage instead of towards the door, making it impossible for intruders to push in the top section of the garage door and hook the release cord.

Emergency Release System

In the event that openers do not work, such as during a power outage, it is important to ensure that you can still open and close your door. Marantec openers can be manually released by simply pulling on the release cord connected to the rail system. If your garage does not have a secondary entrance, it is possible to install an external manual release device, allowing access only to you, the homeowner. 

Digital Intelligence System

Marantec's Digital Intelligence system constantly monitors the force and sensitivity levels necessary to safely open and close your garage door. Independent of the tripping the photo eye objects in the door's path are easily detected and responded to in less than 2 seconds. Safety is paramount in every Marantec design.

DC Power Technology

DC power technology, unlike the AC systems used in common openers, allows for variable speed management. Marantec garage door openers actually reduce their traveling speed before completing the open or close cycles, thereby increasing safety when it matters most.

Security Code Technology

To prevent illicit code grabbing thieves from gaining access through your garage, our accessories including our remote controls and wireless keyless entry systems operate on a security code technology that allows for billions of different code combinations.