Garage Door Design Ideas

When it comes to redecorating or designing a home, garage doors tend to be one of the most overlooked aspects of the structure. Most consider them to be purely functional but the fact is that your garage door covers between 30-50% of your home’s façade.

When you have such a vast blank canvas, it becomes the ideal opportunity to extend the styling of your home’s exterior, and enhance the architectural detailing that is already in place. Today there is no dearth of ideas, and materials to create garage door designs that will add to the aesthetics and value of your home.

While you can always check for the latest garage door design trends online, it’s a good idea to hire the services of a professional garage door company that can provide you with customized solutions. These professionals will not only keep your ideas and vision in view but will also ensure that the design of the garage door complements the ambiance and design of the exterior of your home.

Some Garage Door Design Concepts

Modern day homes typically have larger windows, clean lines, and horizontal design elements. When you are designing a garage door for this type of structure, it’s a good idea to ensure that the feature resembles the overall design concept for your home. Some of the materials you can include:

Aluminum - This is a very resilient and durable material that is available in a range of colors, designs styles etc. Aluminum framing lends a very modernistic, industrial feel to the structure. You can opt for clear anodized aluminum frames with glass panes that have etching. The glass will lend a very modern look to the door, while the etching provides the privacy you need.

Fiberglass - Today there are a large number of fiberglass garage door designs to choose from. In fact, many of these doors are designed to emulate the look of materials such as wood. For instance, if the exterior of your home has a number of wood accents, you can opt for a natural oak stained finish for your garage door. Fiberglass is extremely resilient, weather-resistant, as well as a warp and insect-resistant. This means, when you opt for a high-quality fiberglass door, you can rest assured that the feature will last for a number of years with the least amount of maintenance.

Wood accents - If your existing garage door is it a good condition and you just want to enhance its appearance, you can always add wood accents to the existing panel design. If the structure of your garage door permits, you can replace are some of the existing panels with tinted glass. Not only will this alter the look of the garage door, but will also lend it a very contemporary look.

Steel doors - These doors look great on modern or contemporary styled homes. They have a clean look, horizontal lines as well as glass windows incorporated into them. When you opt for customized and designs, you have the option to mix and match materials, design concepts to complement the look and appearance of your home.

Other Features to Add

In addition to all of these ideas, you can also add features such as trellis grills, raised panels, vertical window wall panels, pergolas etc. You can add light sconces on either side of your garage door or even add recessed lighting above the door. One other way to uplift the appearance of your garage door is to give it a new coat of paint and add some landscaping features around it.

While there are a number of different ways in which you can change the look of your existing garage door, it is important to ensure that the design concept is in sync with the design of your home and that you focus on aspects such as functionality, maintenance, and durability.