What to Do if You Have Buckling or Warped Garage Door Panels

Your garage door is an important aspect of your home’s overall structure and aesthetic. Warped and buckling garage panels will impact the appearance and functionality of the garage door itself too. Let’s take a look at what causes these problems and what you can do about it.

What is warping and buckling?

Sometimes, the garage door panels may start bowing, giving the feature a caved-in appearance. It isn’t difficult to notice this problem; the door just won’t look right. Sometimes you may find that the door opener has too much resistance and is straining. This occurs because the misshapen framing is attempting to fit into the garage door opening.

Common garage door problems

  • Wooden garage doors have a distinctive look and a classic appeal but can become affected by temperature fluctuations. In the due course of time, changes in temperature can impact the overall integrity of the wood, causing it to sag or warp.

  • Steel garage doors may sometimes experience buckling, but that doesn’t happen too often. These doors are much stronger but they are heavier too. If you find your steel door buckling, the problem may be caused by a centrally-fitted door opener. The opening mechanism may not be strong enough to bear the weight of the door efficiently, causing it to buckle when it is in the closed position.

  • Sometimes only a few of the panels in the garage door are affected by warping or buckling. If you find that only a couple of the door panels are warped, it will be easier and more economical to simply replace those particular panels, rather than the entire door. This job needs to be handled by skilled garage door professionals.

  • However, if you notice that the garage door just doesn’t open or close properly, or if the entire feature is buckling, complete replacement may be the only option open to you.

Repair or replacement?

It's never a good idea to ignore buckling or warping problems in your garage door installations. The one way to avoid these issues is to get regular maintenance done by skilled personnel. They would immediately notice the warping or buckling when they visit your home. Early detection of the problem can help prevent additional issues that can become very expensive to fix.

If the entire door is warped or buckling and the professionals have ascertained that complete replacement is the only solution, conduct a bit of research. Ask a reliable garage door dealer to provide information on the different types of doors available and what their pros and cons are. There is a range of garage door opener systems to choose from as well and having all this information is one way of making a better-informed decision. You can invest in a full wooden door. Many modern doors have steel cores but are clad with wood, and have the feel and appearance of real wood if that’s what you prefer.

Make the right choice

Whether you need help fixing just a few panels or are considering replacing your old, buckling garage door, contact one of our dealers today. They will assist you with all the information you need and provide recommendations based on your needs and budget.

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