Making your Garage Provide the Perfect First Impression

When we talk about curb appeal, we are referring to the aesthetic appeal of a property to prospective buyers. However, regardless of whether or not you are considering on selling your property, curb appeal is something you should aim to maintain and improve. There are a number of different ways to enhance your curb appeal. 

Keeping your landscaping, exteriors, roof, siding, porch areas, lighting, front door, driveways, and walkways spruced-up are some of the steps you can take to achieve this. Another important aspect of your home’s curb appeal is the exterior appearance of your garage door. 

Curb appeal - the importance of it 

Realtors place a significant amount of importance on curb appeal because when prospective buyers view your property from the curb or street, the first impression they have matters a great deal. Your home’s exteriors and the design of your garage’s exterior can make a lasting impression on a prospective buyer. Regardless of whether you are planning on selling or not, it’s a good idea to focus on upgrading your garage’s exterior spaces. 

When you take into account that your garage door can make up almost 1/3rd of the exterior of the front of your home, it becomes even more evident why its design matters. A great garage door that complements your home’s exteriors is one of the best ways to enhance your curb appeal.

Some tips 

If and when you plan to sell, you will find that a good quality, well-maintained garage door offers excellent ROI and is a smart investment. Here are some ways in which you can upgrade the appeal of your garage door:

  • Unique styling- Wood and steel garage doors are some of the best options to add a unique look to your garage’s exterior design. These conventional garage doors have a classic appeal and you can get them customized as per your preferences and budget. Choose colors and styling that blends in well with the architectural features of your home. You can add faux wood overlays on your existing steel doors as well. 

  • Custom hardware and windows- Enhance your garage’s exterior appearance with custom designed hardware and windows. Adding these details to the features can make the doors look more attractive. Install elaborate pull handles and latches to give it a complete look. 

  • Exterior lighting- Well-planned exterior lighting can considerably improve the appearance and appeal of your garage door. There are a number of lighting options available today, that can give a distinct boost to the styling of this feature. You can use solar lighting, recessed lights, wall sconces and lamp posts, depending on how much space you have available. Make sure the lighting fixtures throw sufficient illumination along the driveway and the area surrounding the garage door. Not only does this improve the appearance of your garage but increases its security levels too. 

  • Landscaping- When landscaping the front yard areas, make sure that the garage’s exterior spaces also gets the same attention. Well-manicured hedges lining the driveway, hanging planters and even potted plants that are chosen carefully and placed tastefully can instantly uplift the look of your garage. It will lend a very chic and welcoming look to the space. 

Upgrading the garage’s exterior design is one of the best ways to improve your property’s overall curb appeal. Overlooking this aspect will have a negative impact on the exteriors of your home and can reduce its value in the eyes of prospective buyers. The small additions and enhancements that we discussed above can go a long way in boosting your property’s resale value. Don’t underestimate the importance of a garage door upgrade, call the experts at Marantec today.