How to Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

Garage door break-ins are fairly common as they’re considered a vulnerable access point in most homes. Criminals have developed a wide range of tricks to bypass older garage door security systems and gain access to a property.  Fortunately, there are ways to prevent break-ins by securing your garage. The tips mentioned in this article should help. You can also invest in a modern security system with cameras or motion detectors.

1. Don’t keep the garage remote in your car

It’s convenient to store a garage remote in your car but it can also be risky. People can break into a vehicle or steal a remote when you’re not looking. Keep remotes in a bag, pocket, and keep it at home when it’s not needed. This limits access so people don’t have an opportunity to make a duplicate.

2. Upgrade the system

Older garage opening systems are easier to break into. They don’t have the same security features and technology as modern doors do. If a door is older than 10 to 15 years, it’s a good idea to replace it entirely instead of installing new security measures. Modern garage door openers allow remote monitoring and can be connected to smart home security systems. You should also consider replacing the external garage keypad to install a more secure system.

3. Upgrade your garage door

Garage doors are designed to be resilient. They can withstand different weather conditions like rain or snow, and they can also handle moderate storms. A door’s physical integrity can add to its overall security. If door structure is too weak, rusted, or crumbling, anyone can break-in. Make sure the garage door is made of solid wood or metal as that will help keep criminals away.

4. Never use zip ties to disable the emergency release mechanism

Unfortunately, recent media reports have suggested to use plastic zip ties to disable the emergency release mechanism of your garage door opener in an effort to prevent garage break-ins. The release mechanism is designed to disconnect the garage door from the opener in case of emergencies such as power outages or the failure of other safety devices. Therefore, never disable the emergency release mechanism! Instead, upgrade to garage openers that include Marantec’s revolutionary emergency release system. Marantec’s release system requires the release cord to be pulled away from the garage door, thereby preventing garage door break-ins involving the operator trolley system. Please click on the following link for more information:

5. Always lock the door

This might seem like an obvious recommendation but a surprising number of people forget to lock it. Around 30% of all break-ins happen because of an open door or window. Make sure the garage entry door is securely latched every time you use it. This will make it difficult for thieves to enter and give you some time to contact authorities. If the lock isn’t functional, replace it as quickly as possible to reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

6. Secure garage windows

Garage windows are commonly used to break into a property, which is why it’s important to secure them. You can take a number of steps to secure these windows without any additional expense. Blackout or frost the windows to ensure no one can peek in to check the garage. Use secure locks to keep windows closed and test them regularly because damaged locks are easier to break. Install bars to ensure people can’t access the garage even if they smash the window glass. Thieves will break garage window glass even if it causes a disturbance if they feel you have enough valuables stored inside.

If you’re uncertain about garage’s security, contact a professional for advice. They will recommend safety measures, security systems, and will even help upgrade the garage opening system to make it safer.

If you keep these things in mind, you might prevent theft and keep your car and personal belongings safe. If you have any questions, would like to know more about our products or if you need to find a Marantec dealer, please check our dealer locator or call us at 1-888-622-2489. You can also contact us by filling in one of these contact us forms and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.