Getting New Commercial Door Opener Operators for Your Business

When you are choosing a garage door for a residential property, you typically have to take into account aspects such as function and style. However, when choosing commercial garage door and openers, you also need to consider factors like strength and durability.

Typical homes put their garage doors through open/close cycles only about 2-3 times each day, which works out to approximately 1,000 to 1,500 times per year.  In comparison, commercial garage doors could experience three times that use. This doesn’t take into account all the wear and tear the feature has to endure on account of all the loading and unloading activities that happen in that space.  All these things make it crucial to choose sturdy and extremely durable garage door systems.

The security aspect of garage doors on commercial premises

There are times when the biggest door on your commercial property also becomes the most glaring potential security breach. We rarely ever consider the need for any chains and locks on our commercial door. Regardless of whether you have a large fleet of vehicles in the garage or are using it as a warehouse space, having a resilient and secure garage door is crucial, with reference to the overall security and safety of your property.

The fact is that a garage door is a very popular target for burglars. These unsavory elements know that the building will be largely empty at night, significantly reducing the chances of them being caught. Even if they park a getaway van outside the commercial building’s garage door, it may not raise any suspicion in the minds of passersby. If you are stocking goods in your garage, they are probably of a high value and can also be turned around for reselling very easily, which make them an easy target.

One of the best ways to counter all these problems is to install a reliable commercial door operator. We at Marantec offer state-of-the-art commercial door opener options for various light-duty commercial applications. The Synergy LC is the ideal door opener for parking garages as well as storage buildings.

About the Synergy LC

This is a highly–advanced, robust, resilient and durable door operator that is compatible with our heavy duty belt drive system. Here are some salient features of this system:

  • 1100 Newtons (1.1 HPCS*)- it meets Marantec’s specifications for 1.1 HP garage door openers
  • It supports door heights of -  7’, 8’, 10’, and 12’, 14’
  • It supports a maximum door size of 168 sqft
  • 20 duty-cycles/hour
  • It has a DC motor that ensures extremely quiet and smooth operation- This makes it ideal for underground garages with limited traffic as well
  • Synergy LC has integrated LEDs that provide 378 Lumens of lighting
  • It is compatible with a range of Marantec accessories
  • Its rugged, heavy-duty belt rail system allows it to withstand regular wear and tear
  • 378 Lumens LED lighting so you get in excess of 30.000 hrs. of illumination. And you never have to worry about replacing light bulbs again.
  • The wall control station has quick-connect wiring to open, stop and close the door 
  • The system also has a built-in timer-to-close function

In addition to all these features, the LCD display easily guides you through all the basic programming processes. We also offer a 3-year limited warranty on the rail assembly, gears, and motors as well as a 5-year limited warranty on the LED light fixtures. 

As you can see the Synergy LC from Marantec is a reliable commercial door opener with outstanding features. It will provide your commercial property with the high level of security and performance  it needs. For more information, feel free to call us today.