Opener Technology Made in Germany

How does anyone arrive at the idea of developing automation systems to open and close doors and gates at the touch of a button? The answer is, because we understand that door openers provide more convenience in everyday life. But we didn’t stop at providing convenience. We are also aware that opener safety is of prime importance and that we know best how to accomplish this. Not just to prevent injury, but also to protect valuable property, day in day out, whatever the weather conditions may be. We consider it our mission to combine safety and user-friendliness time and again by utilizing innovative technology in new ways, enabling us to offer you one of the safest opener systems in the world.

A German Family Business with
Tradition on Course For The Future


Headquartered in East Westphalia in Germany since 1957, we have been developing and producing technically innovative opener and control systems and accessories for all type of doors and gates: Residential and commercial doors, swing gates and sliding gates, industrial gates and parking barriers. Our certified opener systems meet all statutory standards for our international markets and incorporate patented technologies for maximum safety and convenience. Our company is ISO 9001 certified. 

What all our products have in common, whether we're talking of openers, remote controls or accessories, is that technology makes them not just functional but also easy on the eye with their stylish designs. 

We are selling our products in over 50 countries worldwide through our own subsidiaries in Europe, USA and Asia. In order to maintain our high quality standards we are marketing our products only through authorized dealers, wholesalers, and door and gate manufacturers. 

As a family business, we are holding the interactions and partnerships with our customers in highest regard. We cater to your wishes and needs, are flexible, fast, and reliable.

We invite you to get to know Marantec and to experience our products. And we wish you a great time doing so.

A Strong Business Community


We belong to a strong community. Since 1990, a corporate group has evolved which is unique in its capabilities and international market presence. Marantec in Marienfeld, MFZOVITOR in Legden and Helsinki, as well as ELDAT in Zeesen are producing and selling their innovative drive and control systems completely independently. Product developments evolve in a team of 25 people, consisting of engineers and designers. This provides ideal conditions for ensuring the high quality of every individual part as well as the finished product. In fact, we have received numerous awards in recent years for our technical innovations.

Our openers, controls, and peripheral products are also manufactured in our own specialized production facilities: in Marienfeld, Legden, Miesbach and Zeesen in Germany, Kestenholz in Switzerland, Helsinki in Finland, Ajka in Hungary, Durban in South Africa, Ningbo in China, and Gurnee in the United States. Ideal networking and infrastructure guarantees products which meet the most stringent quality requirements, speed of delivery, and individuality.

Special needs and wishes of our international customers can be accommodated effectively and professionally within the group. The sales organization also operates on a world-wide basis. With its own sales teams in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, the group is represented almost everywhere. This results in products that are in line with market requirements for both regional and international applications. An internationally oriented team of specialists offering technical support rounds off our expertise.

Despite its size, the corporate group is, and intends to remain, a family business. Each and every employee subscribes to uphold its tradition of producing quality products and establishing cooperative customer relations.


Antriebs- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Remser Brook 11
33428 Marienfeld