When We Say Quiet We Mean It



M-4500e Digital Residential
Garage Door Opener

Powerful Enough for heavy
Single and standard

Double Doors, featuring the
new EOS - Easy Operating System

500 Newtons of power
The M-Line 4500e is a feature-rich, reliable system designed to perform, built to last and guaranteed to provide years of smooth, trouble-free operation. Its advanced 24V digital operating system with Direct Current (DC) Smart Motor that, coupled with a belt or chain drive system, ensures an amazingly quiet operation inside the garage.

EOS - Easy Operating System
EOS is a new paradigm in garage door opener setup and control. A fully digital system, EOS reduces previously complicated programing to as few as 3 easy steps.

1 Piece, Galvanized Steel C-Channel Rail
The best in advanced engineering and materials. These one piece,
fully assembled drive systems are available with a steel-reinforced
elastometer belt or full steel chain and semi closed high strength
finished steel C-rail.

Digital remote control transmitters in three
different configurations. Unique, multi-bit technology,
LED control button verification. 2-channel MINI (included).
4-channel MINI (optional) and 3-channel MICRO (optional)
remotes for controlling other devices.

Photo Eye Safety System
Advanced, infrared safety system. Inherent reversal system.
Screwless terminal design for installation ease of pre-wired
garages and standard/retrofit applications. Complies with all
safety regulations (included).

Modular Multi-Function Wall Station
Compact, stylishly designed to fit in a standard single gang
electrical box. Illuminated push-button. Security vacation lock.
Light control. Provides door operation and convenience from
inside the garage. Individual control stations can be combined
into one solid panel (included).

Wireless Keyless Entry System
Convenient, 4-digit PIN. Controls up to three different garage doors. Provide temporary access to authorized visitors or service personnel. Code security. Weather resistant (optional).