Please see instruction sheet found under "Media Center" on the homepage.

Please see instruction sheet under "Changing the PIN" section.

For factory testing purposes only, will not operate unless manually stored.

You need to remove the 1234 code by following the documentation on "Changing the PIN".

If you have given the codes out. The codes are automatically eliminated when the codes in the transmitters are changed.

The keypad will hold up to 4 different codes to open 4 different doors. You can also store up to 4 different codes to open 1 door.

Click here to download instructions on how to program a transmitter.

By changing the code in the transmitter and reprogramming it back to the motor head (please refer to the instruction manual for details). If this is your only transmitter, you can use the vacation lock feature on the wall control station (blocks transmitter signal) until a new transmitter can be purchased.

Please see instruction sheet under "Multiple Transmitters".

Please see instruction sheet on "Changing the Code".

Please see instruction sheet on "Changing the code".

1) The unit may be in vacation mode; check wall control panel.

2) Try reprogramming remote back to over head motor.

Only 1 transmitter may be programmed to the garage door opener, then multiple transmitters may be "cloned" to operate the door. Please see instruction sheet. Please note: Universal transmitters/keypads are not compatible with the Marantec product line.

They are to operate other garage doors, if you only have 1, you won't use the other buttons.

Please see instruction sheet under "Battery Replacement" section.

All electrical parts, chassis, and operator housing. Please note that accessories are not covered by the limited parts warranty.

The warranty is to the original purchaser only.

You can check your photo eyes for spider webs/obstructions/alignment. If it still will not close, pull emergency release cord and manually operate until a service person can be contacted.

The green LED indicates the transmitting photo eye, the red LED indicates the receiving photo eye.

You can use the dealer locator feature on our homepage. 

Please follow the instructions in your vehicles owners manual.

The learn button would be the button on your hand held transmitter that operates the door.

This is not compatible with the Marantec system, please contact Lear at 866-572-2728.

Please see instruction sheet found in our Media Center.

It will, provided you have an external receiver attached/wired to them.

Under the lens cover of the motor unit (white label). In addition, you can find the model number as well.

For troubleshooting Synergy operators, please take a look at the LED display in the back of the power head. If the opener encountered a fault, it will display a number on the LED display. Please match the number on the display to the troubleshooting guide in your instruction manual. You can download a copy of model-specific instruction manuals in our Media Center.

First Step when the lights or the number 6 is flashing on the over hear motor press the "P" button to get you error code number. Then you can use the troubleshooting guide in the back of your owners manual to determine what the problem is. Please see our Media Center for owners manual.

1) Designed and built in Germany

2) Provides extremely quiet and smooth operation

3) Integrated LED lighting

3) Best product warranty available

Yes, LED extension kits are available. Please visit our online shop for details.

1) LED Extensions

2) Battery Back-Up System (Synergy 370/380)

3) Timer-To-Close modules

4) Transmitters

5) Keyless Entry Systems

Please visit our Accessories page for details

To disengage the trolley, pull firmly down on the emergency release cord (red cord with knob).

For Transmitter MHz:

Old Style: (light gray w/ red buttons)
1st digit tells us size:
2nd & 3rd digit is frequency:
43=433 MHz Compatible to M3-2432 w/ old to new cable
40=40 MHz
39=390 MHz
31=315 MHz Compatible to M3-2312 w/ old to new cable
4th digit is number of buttons on remote

New Style: (dark gray w/ black buttons)
M3-2312= 315 MHz 2 button
M3-2313= 315 MHz 3 button
M3-2314= 315 MHz 4 button
M3-2432= 433 MHz 2 button
These are the only remotes offered in the new style.

For Wireless/Keyless MHzs:

Old Style (Light gray w/ white rubber buttons):
ML-640=40 MHz No longer available
ML-631=315 MHz No longer available -Replace with M3-631
ML-639=390 MHz No longer available
ML-643=433 MHz No longer available
New Style (Dark gray w/ dark gray buttons):
M3-631=315 MHz

* For the above transmitters and wireless/keyless that are no longer available; the home owner can purchase an external receiver to adapt the opener to 315 MHZ and then purchase the M3-2312 transmitter or M3-631 wireless/keyless.

For All EOS Systems:

1) Press and hold "P" button for approx. 3 seconds.
2) LED lights 8,1,and 2 will light up solid to form an upward arrow
3) Press and release the "P" button 2 times
4) The 6,7,and 8 LED lights will light illuminate.
5) Press and hold the button on the transmitter that you would like to use and 7 LED light will flash rapidly.
6) Release the button on the transmitter.
7) Push the "P" button 1 time to exit the programming mode.
8) The transmitter is now programmed back to the over head motor and is ready for use.

To wire the receiver hold it with the plug (3 prongs) facing up towards the ceiling; so that the terminals at the end are facing your belly and insert the solid white wire to the left terminal and the grey striped wire to the right.

Unplug the motor at the ceiling and plug the device in and then the motor into the device.

Put the white wire at the other end into terminal 3 and the grey one into terminal 4 on the motor. You will already have one wire in each of these terminals, do not remove these only add the wires from the receiver.

To program the transmitters to the receiver; push and release the clear oval shaped button on the device towards the bottom and there should be a yellow light that flashes, when this happens push and hold the large oval button on the hand held transmitter that came with it and the yellow light should flash rapidly. When this happens release the button on the transmitter and wait for the light to stop flashing on the receiver. Now the transmitter should be programmed to the receiver and the transmitter should be operational.

Light Bulb Duration (The light bulb setting is pre-factory set at maxximum light duration of 4 minutes and 25 seconds.)

1. Press and hold "P" for app. 10 seconds. The illuminated numbers on the LED display will goo off in a descending order.

2. Release the "P" button after the LEDs stop counting down.

3. Press and release the "+" button as many times necessary until LED #5 is on. (level 5)

4. LED #4 is now flashing. (menu 4)

5. Press and release the "P"

6. Use the "-" to decrease the setting (turning off LEDS shortens the time the light bulb will stay on after an open or close cycle.)

On instruction #6 please use the + button to increase if necessary.

Once you have reached the desired time press and release the "P" button to exit the menu and press and release the "+" button to exit the level, then press and hold the "P" button until LED 8 and either 2 or 4 are lit steady.