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Modern homeowners want to use every bit of space available in their home productively. They want to turn their basements into entertainment rooms and their garages into workshops or even home gyms.


Leaving your garage open overnight and unattended will compromise the safety of your home and your family. Many homeowners still think it’s alright to leave their garage open, but even if you live in a safe neighborhood it can still put you and your family at risk.


It’s been a long winter. And if we’re being honest we’re so glad it’s almost over. We can’t wait to spend our summers outside grilling, hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying a nice breeze by the pool. But as we all know with that warmer weather comes a livelier yard. Your flowers will be blooming, the grass will be growing, and your bushes will be bushier. Plus, winter has probably left its mark on parts of your yard with the likes of broken branches, patchy grass, and other eyesores.


Who says guys get to have all the fun? Hey, ladies if you want to create a “Woman Cave” in your home, we say go for it. We even have the perfect place in mind for creating a lady lair that you’ll definitely want show off - the garage. Hear us out.


Winter has passed, the flowers are blooming, and now it’s time to spring clean. While you may have a plan in place for how and when each room in your home is going to get a deep clean it’s essential to note that you shouldn’t forget about your garage.


Garage kits are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only do they allow you to build a garage but by doing so you are increasing the value of your home. Garages also allow you extra storage space and room to protect your vehicle from the elements. Garage kits also save you a lot of money down the road. You don’t have to worry about hiring an architect to build up plans for you or spend extra money on a contractor.


Spring is upon us. Gone are the snowstorms, freezing weather (we hope), and short sunny days. The days are now longer, warmer, and allow you to get outdoors and do your favorite activities. However, as the weather gets warmer outside you may start to notice that jack frost has left your driveway in a less than ideal condition.


While style may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to your garage door accessories, it’s definitely something you want to consider. Why? Well, we’ll tell you. Take Marantec’s new 4-Button Remote Control Set for example. With this new remote control, you not only get to open your garage in style but you can feel secure doing it.


Has your garage gotten out of hand? Too much clutter and not enough walking space? We’ve been there and we know exactly what you need to make your garage a neat and organized space you can be proud of. Bonus, these are all budget-friendly ways to organize using things you already have lying around the house.


It’s actually pretty exciting when you move into a new place that has a garage, especially when it’s your first one. And, no, your parent’s garage doesn’t count. We’re talking about your very first, all yours, completely owned by you garage. But with that new garage comes a certain level of responsibility. You don’t want to crowd your garage or make it to where you can’t park or maneuver around in it.