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While style may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to your garage door accessories, it’s definitely something you want to consider. Why? Well, we’ll tell you. Take Marantec’s new 4-Button Remote Control Set for example. With this new remote control, you not only get to open your garage in style but you can feel secure doing it.


Has your garage gotten out of hand? Too much clutter and not enough walking space? We’ve been there and we know exactly what you need to make your garage a neat and organized space you can be proud of. Bonus, these are all budget-friendly ways to organize using things you already have lying around the house.


It’s actually pretty exciting when you move into a new place that has a garage, especially when it’s your first one. And, no, your parent’s garage doesn’t count. We’re talking about your very first, all yours, completely owned by you garage. But with that new garage comes a certain level of responsibility. You don’t want to crowd your garage or make it to where you can’t park or maneuver around in it.


A laundry can be really great and efficient. Everything is all in one place, you don’t have to move rooms to fold the laundry and you can keep the rest of your home free of socks thrown everywhere. However, if your laundry happens to be in a less than ideal place in your home then efficiency goes out the window.


Garage bands happen to be the humble beginnings of some of the most influential bands we know today. Nirvana, The Ramones, and The Who can credit some garage in their hometown as the birthplace of some of the most memorable lyrics and chords. While these bands have gone on to success, other garage bands were left without much show for their efforts. Nonetheless, garage bands create a culture that has defined rock and roll as we know it today. While some of the earlier bands may have had rough starts in their old garages this did nothing to stop them from going on to make history in the world of rock, punk, and alternative.


Does your garage house some pretty important items? Lawnmowers? Family memories? Your cars? Whatever you keep in your garage, chances are you want to keep those items secure.


They’re just about everywhere. From videos to articles tiny homes are the biggest trend in U.S. housing and real estate today. They’re perfect for people who want to downsize and are looking for a home tiny enough to make them feel cozy but big enough to meet the local minimum building and zoning codes.


Whether you like it or not your garage door plays a huge role in your home’s curb appeal. The wrong color or style can seriously clash with your home and make the whole thing a huge eye sore. Who wants that? No hands? That’s what we figured.


If your garage is like many others around your neighborhood that go underutilized and cluttered, then it may be time to think of ways to remodel or add to the space in order to make it more useful. Ask any of the most well-known entrepreneurs where they started their business and they’ll tell you one common place - their garage.


Every garage door is made differently, which is why our Synergy 300 Collection garage door openers are made to fit just about every kind of garage door. Do you have sectional doors you want to automate? Not a problem for this series. Is your garage door on the older side? Still not a problem.