Marantec Garage Door Opener FAQ


36. How can I tell if I have a 433 MHz or a 315?

For Transmitter MHzs:

Old Style: (light gray w/ red buttons)
1st digit tells us size:
2nd & 3rd digit is frequency:
43=433 MHz Compatible to M3-2432 w/ old to new cable
40=40 MHz
39=390 MHz
31=315 MHz Compatible to M3-2312 w/ old to new cable
4th digit is number of buttons on remote

New Style: (dark gray w/ black buttons)
M3-2312= 315 MHz 2 button
M3-2313= 315 MHz 3 button
M3-2314= 315 MHz 4 button
M3-2432= 433 MHz 2 button
These are the only remotes offered in the new style.

For Wireless/Keyless MHzs:

Old Style (Light gray w/ white rubber buttons):
ML-640=40 MHz No longer available
ML-631=315 MHz No longer available -Replace with M3-631
ML-639=390 MHz No longer available
ML-643=433 MHz No longer available
New Style (Dark gray w/ dark gray buttons):
M3-631=315 MHz

* For the above transmitters and wireless/keyless that are no longer available; the home owner can purchase an external receiver to adapt the opener to 315 MHZ and then purchase the M3-2312 transmitter or M3-631 wireless/keyless.