The World's Quietest Garage Door Opener

Welcome to Marantec America, maker of the most intelligently engineered garage door openers, access systems and garage door opener accessories.

The garage door and is usually "the" most used door in a home. The choice of a reliable and safe garage door opener is paramount. As new builds and remodels are specifying more stylistic and in many cases heavier garage doors, Garage Door Openers (GDO's in industry speak) with higher-rated power are used to move them, but at increased risk to your safety and much added noise.

Introducing the Synergy Line of Garage Door Openers.


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At Marantec America we offer a best of all worlds' garage door opener solution that combines higher DC power motors, quiet semi-enclosed rail operation and a digitally controlled power system that improves safety. If it is important that you use a safe, reliable, secure, quick cycling and primarily quiet system that does not disturb the neighbors or wake the kids, ask your door opener professional about Marantec.

Marantec's German engineering and craftsmanship has created a safer garage door opener that is more reliable and quieter. Using superior Direct Current technology and semi-enclosed one piece rail systems, Marantecís garage door openers safely create higher power to move garage and carriage doors with ease in a smooth quiet action. This superior power is carefully controlled by our Digital Intelligence system that, while quickly cycling the door, continually looks for obstructions, adding a higher level of safety to the required photo eye sensors. Additionally, our DC motor technology is not limited to a constant speed like common AC motorized units, able to slow the speed at the end of a quick cycle to again improve safety.

Only offered through Marantec America Authorized Dealers these exclusive top-line garage door openers and access systems offer interchangeable rail systems for added installation flexibility and the industries strongest warranty. Ask your Marantec Authorized Dealer / Installer how to move up to Marantec.

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